Shell Script Course

I’m gave a shell script crash course(in portuguese), and all my classes are available on github.

You can find the entire course, separated by class on github.


Project for .net core 2 which renders a simple text interface to interact with user. (should be V3.1 compatible, but not tested)

Tui allows the programmer to create and display multiple screens, using one instance of the TUI class. It was designed to be Simple to use.

Since it can be used partially in existing software, it makes easy to prototype and implement partially in some existing program.

This project can be included in existing (or new) projects using a nuget package.


I’m creating content for my new channel on youtube.

This channel is used as a platform for me to record the how and why I do things, and also to test and fail. It’s a platform to learn and grow.


My Blog, in Portuguese, is dedicated to quick tutorials, ideas i have, and things that I want to share. Always commenting the data I bring, this platform is a good place to share my ideas, without recording the screen.